The HTML5 Sessions: The Best of OSCON 2011

Upshot: If you didn’t make it to OSCON, or never do, here are your lectures on HTML5. The best 11-odd hours that you can spend getting up to speed. With a snag or two.

I was really impressed with the The HTML5 Sessions: The Best of OSCON 2011 videos. If you need an introduction to HTML5, start with the lecture “Refactoring for Mobile using HTML5 and CSS3” by Joseph Lewis of Sandia National Labs. I didn’t think a website could be refactored easily in one lecture. Boy was I wrong, and impressed. I was also impressed with Scott Davis’ lecture on using Local Storage. Just these two lectures showcase the benefits of HTML5 and are worth the price of admission alone.

The other lectures on Forms, Canvas, and Javascript are more advanced but are accessible if you’re versed in the subjects. I’m hoping that O’Reilly sets up a repository with the slides and snippets of code, but that may be asking too much.

Though I didn’t have any problems downloading the videos, one of them didn’t have sound on my Mac despite using MPlayer, Quicktime & VLC. Check the Errata on the product page to see if this issue has been addressed. Even so, there’s something here for everyone. Recommended.

Disclosure: I received the Media download(s) from O’Reilly for review purposes.

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