Getting Started with Arduino by Massimo Banzi

Upshot: Here is you beginner’s primer to the funky hacker world of Arduino. Hardware, software, hacking… oh my. No downsides. For browsers as well as the serious.

I think Getting Started with Arduino is probably the first book you should buy on Arduino (or even Processing, the other embedded system language) to get your feet wet. The book starts with basic electronics, which MOST designers and quite a few geeks (myself included) may be fuzzy with. You need this unless you want blue smoke coming from your breadboard!

One thing I really like is the accessibility of this book, and Arduino in general. For those who need help with Arduino’s programming syntax, there is an extensive appendix in the back of the book that covers basic concepts.

The ePub was quite readable either on my iPad via iBooks or on my MacBook Pro using “Murasaki” from the MAS.

Disclosure: I received the eBook download(s) from O’Reilly for review purposes.

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