Head First jQuery by Ryan Benedetti, Ronan Cranley

Upshot: This is a ‘Headfirst’ book. You know what to expect by now, right? Easy intro to jQuery, made easier if you know Javascript. Wow, at 544 pages this is a pretty thick ebook.

So you want to get into jQuery, eh? Well, if you’re versed in CSS and Javascript, there’s a ‘Headfirst’ book for you, Headfirst jQuery By Ryan Benedetti & Ronan Cranley. The book starts out with a nice intro to the DOM, so that you don’t get lost. From there, it’s a few exercises and viola, you’re a jQuery Jedi, right?

Actually there’s more to it than that. Unlike some other books I’ve read on the subject, I was impressed how the authors managed to integrate Javascript, jQuery, Ajax and JSON into the lessons so that the reader sees how these languages coexist in a web project, as well as when they should be used in context. Add jQueryUI as well as an appendix on getting MySQL running and you almost have a soup to nuts book on jQuery.

Even after picking up the revised, +450 pages more version to complete this review, I had little problems with continuing the pace and finishing the book. This is 500, concise, tightly paced, easy to follow pages of goodness. Highly recommended.

Disclosure: I received the eBook download from O’Reilly for review purposes.