AT&T says, “Your Billing Cycle doesn’t Start When We Say”

In the morning, folks! When we last left Bad Uncle Leo, that being ME, I was befuddled by ‘phantom data’ appearing on my iPhone. Being a geek I approached the problem from the geek end of things. It’s not a geek issue: 

 So @ATTTeamTrevor's rep called me back, after I posted this pic to Twitter of my current billing cycle for March, which begins on the 13th:

Well it loooks like I found out where that 651 MB of ‘phantom data’ came from.

As you can see from the screenshot above, if my billing cycle begins on 3/13, the only valid data use is 68kb on that date. Anything from 3/12 & previous should be ‘in the last billing cycle.’ You would think so, right?

What @ATTTeamTrevor's rep told me is that it is AT&T policy that 'it can take 2 days for data to post to your account'… and other canard arguments about 'pending charges' like on a credit card that can be 'moved forward.' But, as you can see, there were no 'delays' & it's timestamped.

And, do I have to repeat myself? It’s timestamped as such on your website, AT&T, and, in the previous billing cycle.

Another question to ask is, if 48 hours is the ‘window’ by which they get to ‘charge’ for 3G data in the next billing period, did my "Unlimited Data Quota of 3GB" actually ‘reset’ on the night of March 11?

The answer is no. I was still ‘throttled’ to between 15-30k/s that night. So in effect AT&T ‘stole’ two days of ‘normal’ data service from me. I’m also not the only person to notice this.

I guess it’s time to file a complaint with both the FCC and the FTC — I don’t know what it looks like to AT&T, but to me, this looks like fraud.

Update2: Tweaked screenshot, also added the commenter from DSLReports who also noticed this billing chicanery.

Update: I’ve ‘posted’ my complaint letters to Dropbox. Here they are: FTC and FCC. You can expect me to file variants of these every month that AT&T continues their “policy” unless I leave them. You get what you pay for.. unless you’re in contract with AT&T.

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