Javascript Step by Step by Steve Seuhring

Upshot: If you can get used to the author’s style, and the Microsoft (Press) bias, then Javascript Step by Step by Steve Seuhring is a comprehensive introduction to the subject.

The examples & code in the book are rock solid, despite my being on a Macintosh using bleeding edge tools (read on).

There was only one case where things didn’t work, and the author did warn that it wasn’t standards compliant (Figure 14-5).

What will grate on non-Windows users is the constant use of the phrase, “Using Visual Studio, Eclipse, or another editor..” A full blown IDE is not necessary to complete this book. In fact, I used Smultron for editing, plus bleeding edge Firefox 4 prerelease & Firebug 1.7 beta for debugging.

What may grate on Windows users is that Seuhring explicitly recommends Firefox/Firebug instead of Microsoft tools to do javascript debugging. However, for those of us in multi-platform land, this is a selling point!

Despite these issues, Steve Seuhring does a great job of guiding beginners through the ins & outs of Javascript, exposing the gotchas, and then setting the stage for next areas of study (AJAX & JQuery). It was a long read, but I recommend this book.

As with other ePubs that O’Reilly sells, having no DRM once again makes buying this as an ePub pure win, with all URLs being ‘hot’, as well as copy/pasting of code right out of the book if you’re using the Firefox EPUBReader plugin.

Disclosure: I received the eBook  download from O’Reilly for review purposes.